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Leadersmith Consulting Ltd

Redesigned the website for Leadersmith Consulting Ltd.  This included:

  • Strong & clear communication between myself & the client throughout the project.

  • Redesigning, to include user-friendly interfaces & accessibility to all users.

  • Adding SEO keywords & phrases.

  • Implementing new content & contact forms.


The Laundry Hub

Redesigned the website for The Laundry Hub. This included:

  • With specifications from the client, I redesigned the broken website to be clean & stylish whilst keeping things simple. 

  • SEO was added with keywords & phrases.

  • Updated contact information & included a contact form.



WIP - ZKS Martial Arts

Work in progress - Project requirements:

  • To update or redo CRM entirely.

  • To update the current website and mobile app for ZKSMA - a martial arts group in Aylesbury.

  • To provide automation for emails.

  • Add SSL / TLS to site.


K Dauris Photography

Helped to create a gallery website for photography.

  • Included links to contact via email.

  • Improved the overall look and style of the website.

  • Organised the gallery into sections of category.

  • Made sure to get the site to be responsive and look great on mobile.

Screenshot 2023-10-15 120603.png
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